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Elevate Women in Tech is on a mission to prepare 1,000 women for a $100,000 career in tech.

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Hear directly from our students about their experience...

“There was really so much information! Nobody is sharing this information.”
LaPetra J.
“I am glad that I signed up because I want to be a scrum master."
Cecilia N.
“It is a lot. I appreciate it. I will be joining the Mastermind. I'm new to the tech industry and I need some guidance. Thank you so much for your time this evening.”
“I learned also that I need a team that looks like me on my side.”
Cecilia N.

Testimonials & Reviews

Ebony's voice is soothing and reassuring. She lights a fire inside of you that convinces you to level up. She is my inspiration.
Pamela K.
Ebony's cheerfulness, attentiveness and cooperative attitude reflected a positive support role image for her department. She always apprised other office staff of her wheabouts and kept her manager informed on task progress, I am sure you will find that she is a pleasant person to work with.
Eden T.
Microsoft Azure is the phrase that comes to mind when when I think about Ebony. I’ve had the pleasure working with Ebony for a short period of time. As a new employee who just recently came on board she was kind to introduce me to the environment and walk me through her project and share her knowledge. Above all I was impressed with her ability to automate by using a script she developed to spin up a VM, prep, configure, install SQL and SharePoint. I find her to be a team player. Ebony will be a true asset for any position requiring SharePoint and Azure Architect.
Anteneh T.
Ebony and I worked together when she was subcontracting as an independent consultant for Dynamics Research Corporation. She served as the technical lead for all SharePoint efforts and successfully secured lead-on business while assisting in automating Department of Justice Criminal Division paper-based processes. Her efforts produced additional productivity hours per task, saved the customer money, and averted risks by troubleshooting deployed SharePoint solutions. Ebony exceled in cross-functional and customer communication. Her mix of leadership, technical and soft skills added value to the team. She would be an asset to any technical team.
Brad M.
Ebony and I served on a project team to deliver SharePoint services for a General Dynamics Information Technology public sector client. Ebony had tremendous knowledge of SharePoint architecture, implementation, and deployment. Ebony had a keen mastery of entire sofware lifecycle development process including requirements and maintenance. She was key in supporting the system testing and post deployment activities and her work was praised by partner teams. She demonstrates not only mastery of technical skills, but also the ability to communicate with interdisciplinary teams to deliver solutions. Ebony brings a visionary spirit to the team while working to drive lead-on business. She is an asset to any team and I highly recommend her.
Marwan A.
At DePaul University, I had the pleasure of working with Ebony in a class that we took together called: E-Commerce Web Site Engineering. In this class, our group had to develop a business model, value propositions, and site architecture for an on-line business. Ebony served as the Project Manager for the group and was exemplary in her task and resource management techniques. Her positive attitude and tenacity helped to foster synergy amongst group members. She has proven to be a take-charge person who is able to successfully develop plans and properly communicate goals to group members and instructors. I have kept intermittent contact with Ebony since then and she still remains as ambitious and meticulous in her professional life as she was in her studies. It is for these reasons that I offer high recommendations for Ebony without reservation. Her drive and abilities will truly be an asset to any organization.
Michael M.


Our goal is to train 1,000 women in tech so they can secure $100,000 salaried careers.
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