Employee Burnout in the Covid Era

I think recent grads entering Corporate America are dealing with the issue of more work and a less enriched life.  

During my conversation with a Partner of a Big 4 consulting firm, he mentioned young workers struggling to balance work and life was a great concern.
Working more is not working smart.  As more workers are burning out and reports of depression/anxiety increases in the Covid era, taking steps to reclaim a work life balance is the key to a healthy life.
Below are steps to take to reclaim a balanced, enriched life.
- work up to 45 hours weekly
- set do not disturb blocks of time on your calendar for deep work
- turn off laptop/phone at a certain time each day
- find a passion project at work
- create a brag book and promote your impact to leadership monthly
- find hobbies that bring you joy
There is more to life than work.  You only have one life to live.  Live it.
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