"How do I make more money in tech?"

"How do I make more money in tech?"
Eileen the Dream teaches that there are 4 levels of value. The higher the level --> the more valuable the contribution --> the more money you make.
  1. Implementation - These are the people who use their hands/labor for work. The average salary cap is $80k.
  2. Unification - These are managers who keep order and create systems. The average salary cap is $250k.
  3. Communication - These are people in sales who can connect and close deals. The average salary cap is $100M.
  4. Imagination - These are the ideas people who disrupt industries or get patents. There is no salary cap.
If you want to make more money in tech, creating 3-5 year S.M.A.R.T. goals to get to the next level of value is key.
"It's not about working harder but working higher."
-Dharius Daniels
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