Time Management for High Performers

Feeling burned out?

Your job will take as much as you give it.  No one can burn you out without your permission.  Here are a few tips for time management for high performers:

- Add a 1-2 hour Friday weekly disconnect to your calendar for value-added tasks (status reports, networking, training, etc.)

- Add personal events (30 minute walk, school pickup/drop-off, etc) to your calendar and refer to them as “standing meetings.”  No further explanation is needed.

- Add unscheduled PTO to your calendar, invite those with a need to know, and set out of office auto-reply.  The auto-reply should note who to contact while you are out and when you plan to return.  No further explanation is needed.

- Avoid back-to-back meetings.  If you can’t avoid it, stating, “I will join a little late” to the RSVP is kosher.  Give your brain time to switch between meetings.

- Add tasks to your calendar.  Being intentional about scheduling everything that requires your attention reduces the likelihood of being overbooked.

Being a good steward of your time and setting boundaries is key to maintaining balance and avoiding burnout.

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